PS: A lot of people told me to make this article a paid, short e-book. This didn’t feel like something I wanted to do with it. Be patient with me though, a book will eventually come. I (will) have many, many things to say.


TL;DR You will most likely fail many times. When you do, don’t just try again, try again with wisdom.

For a long time, I wished this article was simply…written. I wished the words would dance their way out of my mind unto a server so that it could be read like this by you. Of course…

Better understand your algorithms so you can improve them

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I’m pretty excited about this post because it’s my first. After years (and years, and years…) of postponing, I’m finally starting this. I hope you enjoy this read, but more than that, I hope you learn something too.

This post is focused on how much time and space an algorithm uses. While there’s a lot of math that can help us calculate these things, we will focus on an intuitive way to know these measurements.

I’ll post links at the end if you fancy math and would like to get your hands dirty, but first, let’s recall the basics.


Ayomide Oyekanmi

Interested in many industries, but my first love is technology. Passionate about coding, reading, art & travel. Aspiring Kensei ⚔️.

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